ane Hume Andrew Bragg superannuation
Jane Hume and Andrew Bragg (Images: AAP)

It's been clear for some time that sections of the business community, and members of the Liberal Party, have decided it's better to attack the entire superannuation sector than to allow the industry super sector to continue to grow.

That sentiment has now crystalised in the campaign, led by the minister responsible for superannuation, Jane Hume, and championed by backbench MPs like Andrew Bragg and Tim Wilson, to cancel the forthcoming increase in the superannuation guarantee level.

Bragg wants to go further and destroy the entire system of compulsory super -- although it's not so long since Bragg was an ardent supporter of compulsory super who wanted the rate lifted to 15% -- just below the super level that he now enjoys as an MP, along with his colleagues.