Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention (Image: Republican National Convention)

Nine won the night as The Block struggled into the 10th slot nationally and just into the million-plus viewership, a rise from 954,000 the night before and 1.23 million on Sunday night. The most watched eps are the weekly reveals on Sunday nights -- that's why next Sunday’s figures will be critical. The Block was again beaten by The Masked Singer (TMS) on Ten -- the reveal averaged 1.11 million nationally (down 127,000 from a week earlier) and with the lead-up averaging 996,000, the program average was 1.05 million, still well in front of The Block (Kitten is my favourite).

In fact TMS was the most watched non-news program last night. But it wasn’t enough to help Ten overall. Although it finished third in total people (because of solid efforts by its multi-channels) the ABC nipped past it into third in the main channels. TMS did well in the demos, as did The Block. Nine returned a remake of Halifax -- this series is called Retribution -- with 783,000, down 22% from the audience for The Block. Not promising.

Elsewhere Donald Trump will not be happy. The US TV ratings for night one of the Republican National Convention showed a 26% fall from 2016, despite Trump speaking (he is speaking every night). The Nielsen ratings data also shows that the Republican cause was sharply lower than night one of the Democrat convention last week, which easily beat Trump’s effort. Nielsen said 17 million people watched the two hours of night one of Trump's re-coronation against 19.7 million for night one of the Democrats. The totals are for the 11 separate broadcasts.