Adem Somyurek (Image: AAP/James Ross)

Unity ticket Strong words from state member for Frankston Paul Edbrooke. Referring to apparent dawdling by the Victorian Liberals in response to branch stacking revelations revealed by Nine and 60 Minutes, he bragged that in the Labor party "we sack branch stackers by 9am the next day":

We'd argue Victorian Labor doesn't really have grounds for smugness here. Looking back on the Adem Somyurek farrago, remember two things: the branch stacker in question had already once been disgraced and then returned to cabinet; and the damning videos and audio -- some shot in Labor MP Anthony Bryne's electoral office -- could only have been provided by someone with serious access.

It's almost as though the Victorian ALP had already known all about the branch stacking in question for quite some time, and had made a decision about the stacker's future employment before the investigation aired?