Marcus Bastiaan

A subplot in the ongoing orphanage fire that is 2020 has been Victoria’s admirable attempt to replace New South Wales as the state with all the country’s worst political branches.

Over the weekend, an investigation by 60 Minutes and the Nine newspapers revealed Victorian Liberal behind-the-scenes powerbroker Marcus Bastiaan had allegedly conspired with Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar to use former cabinet minister Kevin Andrews’ taxpayer-funded electorate officers to branch stack and grow a hard-right faction.

But who was paying Bastiaan’s salary while he was allegedly doing all this alleged branch stacking?

That would be the Printing Industries Association (now the Print and Visual Communication Association or PVCA), the registered employer group for Australia’s print, packaging, graphic design and media technology industry. 

Bastiaan was previously called upon to quit the Liberal Party after offensives texts surfaced, allegedly between Bastiaan and former PCVA colleague Paul Mitchell (Bastiaan denied involvement).

Oh, hey, remember when we had a royal commission about unions links to branch stacking, among other things?