NRL rugby tv ratings footy
Reagan Campbell-Gillard of the Eels (Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

The NRL game on Nine (Parramatta whacked Melbourne 14-nil) had 637,000 national viewers on Nine and another 293,000 on Foxtel. The only highlight of what was a very, very weak night. The Bachelor on Ten, 718,000 nationally, lower than the night before’s 847,000, with less competition.

No wonder Netflix, Stan, Amazon, Apple and a starry winter’s night look attractive. It was Seven’s night narrowly from Nine, Ten and the ABC. The Bachelor did well in the demos, but who would admit to be watching free To Air TV on a set last night?

In breakfast Sunrise got 453,000 national and 257,000 metro viewers, ABC News Breakfast had 321,000/212,000, and Today, 311,000/271,000.