Northern Territory opposition leader Lia Finocchiaro, Territory Alliance leader Terry Mills and Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner (Image: AAP/Aaron Bunch)

Tomorrow's Northern Territory election is far from the first Australian electoral event of the COVID-19 age, but it’s the first that gives voters the opportunity to remove a government charged with handling it.

Previous elections during the pandemic have not found voters of a mind to revise their earlier verdicts, most notably in the case of the Eden-Monaro by-election on July 4, which all but repeated the result from 2019.

However, it seems rather less likely that tomorrow's election will be a straight re-run of the once-in-a-lifetime Labor landslide in 2016, which reduced the Country Liberal Party (CLP) to two seats in a parliament of 25 -- a far cry from the dominance it enjoyed from the establishment of self-government in 1974 until Labor's first-ever election win in 2001.