Scott Morrison
(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

In Your Say, Bernard Keane's postcard from Australia prompted Crikey readers to chip in with more of the prime minister's failings, while others respond to the government's commitment (or lack thereof) to a federal corruption watchdog.

On postcard from Australia:

David McCallum writes: I think if you wanted to link some of the existing failings and the terrible job Scott Morrison is doing for Australians (as distinct from the owning classes), the oversight of disasters should include the bushfires, the failure to address their causes, and no attempt to address climate change. On the contrary. The private entrepreneurs stacked into the national committee, reporting to no one, to use the people's money to boost gas resources incomes for the same owning classes is barely disguised corruption. 

This is not just bad governing; it is corrupt management of the country and its resources. It is performed with a degree of arrogance that is quite despicable. And this prime minister also shows he doesn't care, not even about his government's responsibility for aged care and the deaths it has caused.