Tom Gleeson hard quiz TV ratings
(Image: ABC)

Forget the 6pm news results for Nine and Seven. From then on the night was the ABC’s with Hard Quiz (1.04 million) the most watched non-news program. Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell with 901,000 was the third-most watched non-news program. The Bacchelor averaged 872,000 for Ten and that was the night.

That was after the 7pm ABC News (1.15 million) easily beat A Current Affair (962,000) and Home and Away (962,000), and 7.30 (949,000) easily won its timeslot. 

Seven and Nine ran dead. What both served up last night was a load of old tosh -- repeats of Highway Patrol and the movie Wonder Woman, a repeat of RBT and a fresh Emergency (fancy that: 765,000, making it the 5th most watched non-news program. Ratings wonders never cease to amaze).