Clive Palmer preference deal
(Image: AAP/Glenn Hunt)

Hold the front page When was the last time a tabloid went this hard on one individual? Amid his constitutional challenge to the Western Australian government's border closure, and his follow-up "Well how about you give me 30 billion and we call it quits?" gambit, The West Australian has run six distinctly unflattering front pages on Clive Palmer, five since last Monday:

The most recent, which depicted the mining magnate as a "chicken Palmer" (good one), noted that the photoshopping had continued owing to "popular demand".

Anatomy of a beat-up Back when Pauline Hanson used the vaguely sourced "rumours" that cancel culture was coming for "Smarter White Milk" as a fundraising push, we were sceptical that it would take off (given no one had suggested any such thing). But as with Lidia Thorpe previously, we underestimated the hunger with which our media will pursue a "political correctness gone mad" angle, particularly when there's a racial element.