Ben Affleck as Batman
(Image; Warner Bros.)

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s corporate synergy!

While Australia’s media organisations are being mercilessly gutted, with Channel 10 and Nova being the latest to "future proof" their businesses by cutting staff this week (presumably heading toward a February 2021 goal of one terrified intern running the whole thing from home), it's worth noting that job cuts are terrible all over. Even for superheroes.

The merger of Time Warner and AT&T was so unpopular that the US Justice Department attempted to stop it happening. But it was eventually finalised after several court cases in 2019 -- just in time for the pandemic-afflicted economy to melt down and the assumed rivers of sweet, sweet superhero money AT&T thought they'd get from Warner's ownership of the DC Entertainment brand to evaporate faster than hype for this year's actually pretty great Harley Quinn movie. (Seriously, it's worth a rent).

This week it was announced there would be a wave of cuts. That reportedly includes 600-odd people on the Warner side, including a third of those employed at DC Comics and seemingly everyone who was working on their much-hyped streaming service which would now appear to be as dead as a Green Lantern cinema franchise.