The Melbourne CBD after curfew (Image: AAP/Erik Anderson)

With the stage four lockdown of Melbourne grinding on amid the grey skies of winter, the city's glum acceptance of a new "normal", and no sign yet that other states will succumb to the same predicament, the ideological right is getting frisky once again. The Australian is foaming at whichever part of it is the mouth, raring to take a bite out of the much beleaguered Andrews government. 

It's a juicy target. Whatever its diminishing band of stalwarts might like to say, the Andrews government failure on quarantine and the new outbreak is about as bad as it gets. Come on Dannos, stop being babies, just tear the bandage off with one rip. 

This was an emergency measure imposed, after a number of days in which little action at all was taken on the virus, followed by a hard-core quarantine lockdown, which had an air of political cosplay about it.