Clive Palmer (Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

Are you gonna take it, Clive?

Clive Palmer has been all over the media of late thanks to his legal challenge over the closed WA border -- a challenge in which the Morrison government had no particular interest, and then was secretly supporting, and then dropped like a hot potato that knew what terrible PR looked like (despite the fact that Scotty owes Palmer a favour or two or 83 million).

And that's just one of the legal battles Clive is fighting at the moment. He’s also engaged in some environmental challenges, and is facing a possible five years in jail after being charged with fraud and dishonest use of his position regarding his previous political party, Palmer United. Oh, and he’s also going to court over whether he nicked a hair metal song.  

To recap: for months the nation's airwaves rang to the sound of "Australia's Not Gonna Cop It" ahead of the 2019 election. The jingle, in which Palmer exhorted people to vote for his United Australia Party, made the nation sit up as one and go "wait a second, did he get permission to rewrite Twisted Sister's classic 'We're Not Gonna Take It'?"