Education Minister Dan Tehan (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

We don’t need no education (funding)

Hey, remember how Education Minister Dan Tehan recently announced that all those uni courses in dumb subjects like humanities and social sciences were getting fee hikes as part of a way to encourage students to study more job-ready things like engineering and medicine and not-being-an-actor? 

At the time there was a lot of outrage of the "typical Liberal hatred for the creative classes, man" stripe, which acted as a neat distraction from the larger question of whether changing the affordability of courses actually changed student enrolments whatsoever. Up until now, at least, when we can give a definitive answer: nup!

More specifically, the COVID-19 inquiry heard on Tuesday that that plan of using price signals to change people's uni course choices was based on [checks notes] nothing.