Basil Zempilas
Basil Zempilas (Image: Seven West Media)

Conflict of interest We're clearly not the only ones with concerns about Perth mayoral candidate and conflict of interest magnet Basil Zempilas. As Zempilas' 6PR breakfast show ended yesterday, and presumably going for a bit of fun banter, he adopted a tone of (possibly faux, it's hard to say) outrage that fellow presenter Gareth Parker wasn't supporting his candidacy. It doesn't go great.

Parker, a former political reporter for The West Australian, offered Zempilas an out -- "Do you want me to explain it again, or do you want to move on?" -- an out which isn't taken, making what follows all the more satisfying.

Pointing out first that as a professional journalist he doesn't "support" any politicians, he proceeded to note Zempilas' "significant conflict of interest that [he's] going to find very difficult to manage", and lamenting the position this puts Zempilas' colleagues in.