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Minister for Women Marise Payne

Where in the world is the minister for women? We've known for a long time that COVID-19 has had a disproportionate effect on women. Firstly, women make up the majority of the frontline workers responding to the crisis. Then child care support was cut off. And then the "overhaul" of the JobKeeper subsidy, which will impact twice as many women as men. If only there was, I don't know, some kind of ministry that kept an eye on these things.

Oh, that's right, we do have a minister for women. Her name is Marise Payne. So where has she been on all of this? Aside from co-announcing a parliamentary inquiry into domestic violence (which followed a much-maligned attempt at the same in the Senate), statements from Payne addressing the gendered effects of COVID-19 have been few and far between.

Oh, we tell a lie: there is a whole $1.8 million awarded to four organisations under the Women’s Leadership and Development Program (with a reference to COVID-19 tacked on).