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(Image: Wikicommons)

Sovereign citizens hit the road

Dear reader, do you hear the people sing, singing the songs of how they’re not subject to the laws of the land or the impost of taxation? Then, friend, you’re hearing the triumphant return of Australia’s small but vocal community of sovereign citizens -- and oh, what a joyous cacophony they make! 

If the term doesn’t ring a bell it’s because sovereign citizens are mainly US-based conspiracy theorists who believe there are secret loopholes in the legal framework which allow citizens to bypass things like paying tax or criminal prosecution by essentially reciting a magic legal-spell -- the human equivalent of those online ads which promise weight loss or sexual potency using this one weird trick doctors don’t want you to know.

They can sometimes be spotted doing things like spelling their name with weird punctuation in order to differentiate their tax-free identity from their “corporate” selves, which is likely why former One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts once wrote a long, rambling affidavit to then-PM Julia Gillard signed “Malcolm-Ieuan: Roberts., the living soul” in which he demanded that she pay him $280,000 if she didn’t answer a bunch of his questions about why he wasn’t subject to the carbon tax. Bless.