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(Image: AAP/James Ross)

You have to admire the hubris of much of the right in Australia, as the Victorian July COVID-19 crisis unfolds. With some hard choices having to be made (with some highly questionable politics), the critics have gone from the particular to the general pretty quickly.

As we noted here (and as pretty much everyone else did), the use of privatised service providers for hotel quarantine was a disaster, and there appears to have been other errors -- from lack of translated materials, to an Anglocentric view of family structures and interactions -- that suggest a state government more interested in projecting an image of toughness, than in actually being rigorously efficient.

But it's a pretty big leap from that to the suggestion that the reoccurence of COVID-19 in Victoria is going to be a unique occurrence. That seems to be an expression of magical thinking -- that this crisis will be brief, non-recurrent and easily subject to human will.