masterchef contestants in black aprons
(Image: Ten)

Non-action replay of the past few Sundays: Nine wins, Seven loses, Ten does OK, the ABC picks up a fraction. Seven loses despite starting with a big margin from 6pm to 7pm news win of 356,000. 

Masterchef Australia won the non-news battle (again) with 1.27 million. People’s fave Poh Ling Yeow was tossed last night … will that damage the remaining episodes? Big Brother could only manage 1.04 million and survived the confected brush-with-COVID teaser rubbish. It was almost like BB "jumped the shark" last night in a desperate attempt to grab viewers.

The Voice averaged 1.13 million and 60 Minutes 979,000. Again that’s why Nine won easily and Seven was left well behind, despite that solid lead at 7pm. Masterchef topped all the demos with Big Brother second and The Voice left behind.