(Image: AAP/Brendon Thorne)

TV last night was all desert and no dessert -- the AFL beat the NRL (i.e. Nine lost to Seven), a weak ABC beat and even weaker Ten (in the battle for third and fourth). In breakfast, our Karl continues to defy ratings gravity on Today, while at 7pm our A Current Affair obeys it.

Seven won because of the news hour and the AFL -- the Swans lost to the Dogs. The AFL drew 727,000 nationally. In the NRL, Penrith beat Souths while 597,000 watched. End of night, except for another weak performance by Ten, easily beaten for third (in total people and the main channels) by the ABC’s usually weak Thursday night offering. ACA at 7pm, 987,000 nationally, the 7pm ABC News, 1.145 million -- a common occurrence at the moment.

Enjoy the weekend, I’m off Netflixing -- gotta finish my Brooklyn Nine-Nine Binge. In the regions it was Seven News on 648,000, Seven News 6.30, 604,000, 7pm ABC News, 384,000, The Chase Australia 5.30pm, 379,000, Home and Away, 374,000.