Senator Jacqui Lambie speaks to the media during a press conference at Parliament House.
Senator Jacqui Lambie (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

It’s been a big week of Twitter outrage and #auspol on Crikey’s socials. Let’s rewind to some of the week’s crowning moments.

Can Lambie be trusted?

It appears we’re once again relying on Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie to be the voice of reason and block the Liberal Party’s proposed university fee hike. But when we asked Crikey readers if Lambie could be counted upon to call out Education Minister Dan Tehan for his bitter attack on the university sector, the resounding answer was “no”.

In the words of one reader, “she talks tough, delivers nought”, while others drew comparisons to Lambie and One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson, believing she’d be easily talked around by the Coalition.


As the ABC confronted another grim round of job cuts, the buzz on social media was around ABC Chair Ita Buttrose and where exactly she’s been hiding. With “Where is Ita?” trending, we tweeted at Buttrose, asking her to fess up. But like her esteemed ABC colleagues, we were met with silence.

However, it appears that Buttrose may have been championing the ABC behind the scenes. This morning The Sydney Morning Herald published a story claiming Buttrose had sent a strongly worded letter to Communications Minister Paul Fletcher over the handling of the cuts. In the letter, Buttrose reportedly accused the MP of lying about ABC’s efforts to collaborate with SBS.

Morrison mimics Trump’s playbook

Prime Minister Scott Morrison showed just how little he really thinks of the national broadcaster yesterday when he lied through his teeth, claiming there have been no cuts to the ABC.

As usual, the internet was quick to call the PM out on his BS.

Cheap blows to the ABC

And because Twitter is filled with vitriolic, faceless trolls who revel in other people’s misfortune #defundtheabc has started trending. The likes of Mark Latham are absolutely jubilant that 250 people have lost their jobs, responding to the news in a particularly dirtbag way:

Sebastian’s star factor

Ex-Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian is the latest Coalition press conference prop, accompanying the PM as he announced the much-anticipated (and much-too-late) package for the arts.

Twitter users were irate, labelling Sebastian a “Liberal stooge” and no better than former TV presenter and current adviser to Scott Morrison, Scotty Cam.

Sky News was quick to label the singer “cancelled”. While Sebastian rushed to Twitter to apologise to his fellow artists, he also clarified that his appearance wasn’t meant to be political and that he has “no input into where the money goes”.

Disorder of Australia

Finally, it appears we may have broken Crikey readers’ brains by asking you to vote on the most outrageous Order of Australia recipient. For many, there were simply too many options:

In the end, it was former prime minister Tony Abbott who won a small margin over ex-speaker Browyn Bishop. She was followed by former senator, Labor right heavyweight and Sky News commentator Graham Richardson. Former prime minister Kevin Rudd placed fourth, receiving a measly 3.9% of the vote.