Big Brother 2020 (Image: Seven)

Seven won the night but Big Brother was easily beaten by MasterChef in the battle of the confected reality programs. MasterChef averaged 1.29 million national viewers and came fourth nationally.

For Big Brother, the eviction was ninth with 1.045 million, and the lead up was 11th with 1.00 million. That gave a program average of 1.02 million or more than 270,000 behind MasterChef.

Seven won in both total people and the main channels because its hour of news was so far in front of Nine’s (which didn’t have The Voice) and Ten from 6 to 7pm. Seven’s hour of news averaged 1.79 million and Nine’s averaged 1.32 million, 470,000 behind Seven’s hour. That proved to be a winning margin. Nine’s A Current Affair with 1.04 million was again easily beaten by the 7pm ABC News with 1.17 million.