Adem Somyurek
Adem Somyurek (Image: AAP/Julian Smith)

The hard right goes hunting, The West Australian shows how it's done, and is more pain coming at Emirates? Plus other tips and murmurs from the Crikey bunker.

So who killed Somyurek? The source of the damning videos that ended the political career of Victorian ALP powerbroker Adem Somyurek is the hottest topic in Canberra and in Spring St (and probably nowhere else).

Much of the speculation centres around normally low-profile Holt MP Anthony Byrne, in whose office much of the filming appears to have been done. While some outlets were coy about naming names, James Campbell and colleagues at the Herald Sun identified a Byrne staffer (and, like Byrne, notional Somyurek ally) as a possible source, prompting the question of whether Byrne knew of, or even masterminded, the operation.