(Image: Wikimedia)

There are days when it feels like the sharp forces of regression hold ever-increasing sway, edging us backwards to the rule of the narrow-minded. But then there are moments when we are reminded that the longer march -- of progress to equality -- goes on and sometimes beats the odds.

The US Supreme Court has just delivered one of those moments in spectacular style. By a 6-3 majority, scooping up several of the court’s touted conservatives and with the judgment written by one of Trump’s own picks, Neil Gorsuch, the court stared down those who have assumed it will be a reliable ally in the new war on inclusion and tolerance.

Donald Zarda was working as a skydiving instructor in New York. A female customer complained about being tethered to him for a tandem dive (because he was male). To reassure her, he said: “I’m 100% gay!” He was fired.