Adem Somyurek resignation
Adem Somyurek (Image: AAP/James Ross)

Your correspondent watched the 60 Minutes/Nine investigation into the now (possibly now concluded) political career of Victorian minister and factional leader Adem Somyurek with the usual mixture of glee and envy.

Envy that someone else had got the full story, glee at months of audio tapes of Somyurek doing his thing -- Somyurek-speak has two forms, verbs and "fuck" -- rolled out for all to see (complete with Crime Stoppers-style reenactments) by an organisation large enough to withstand legal blustering from those featured.

The gist for those who haven't watched it -- and you really should watch it -- is Somyurek, leader of the Labor "Mods" faction, caught running a vast branch-stacking operation with a view to controlling the ALP.