The facilities at the Medically Supervised Injecting Room in Melbourne (Image: AAP/Tracey Nearmy)

Safe injecting rooms have always been a polarising topic, but the research is unequivocal: they save lives. In the two years since Melbourne's first safe injecting room opened in North Richmond, 3200 overdoses have been successfully managed, and there have been no deaths.

The demand has been so great that last week Premier Dan Andrews announced a proposal for a second one, near the Queen Victoria Market.

The research was of little interest to the wizened creature who bailed me up last weekend in the park. She was 4 foot 11 tops, but I was seated sipping my latte so she was in the ascendancy. Determined to share her thoughts with a complete stranger, she began by excoriating Andrews, before moving on to the evils of safe injecting rooms.