Greyhound racing
(Image: Getty)

The NSW government is poised to sign off on an horrific "welfare code of practice" for greyhounds that would allow the racing industry to keep dogs in 3-square-metre cages 24 hours a day -- and gives them ten years before they have to provide even that much space.

NSW Nationals MP Kevin Anderson is the minister in charge of greyhound racing in that state (although, good luck finding any reference to that on his various websites). In January he released a long-promised Draft NSW Greyhound Welfare Code of Practice for public consultation. However, the section of the draft code that relates to the conditions in which greyhounds are kept by the racing and gambling industry allows the industry to "delay compliance ... for up to ten years from the date that this code comes into effect."

In case you were thinking that delaying until the 2030s means that future generations of dogs will be well cared for, the only requirement that will kick in after a decade is that dogs must be kept in a minimum area of 1.2 meters by 2.5 meters, with a minimum height of 1.8 metres, which is smaller than some large male greyhounds when they stand on their hind legs.