Black Lives Matter protesters in Greece (Image: Menelaos Michalatos/SOPA Images/Sipa USA)

Tear gas drifting in front of the Parthenon again, the police in the polis: the Greek black lives matter solidarity protest that marched on the US embassy in Athens was my pick for most inspiring image of the week, with a lot of competition.

They tried to burn it down too, which was naughty of them, but the main takeaway was the particular type of act of solidarity this represented. Global leftists have marched against US racism for decades, but hitherto this has always had a degree of reproving an empire that sought to lecture the world on human rights, and bomb on that pretext. 

The protests that have occurred across the world have a different character. They're not only about joining local racism to its American manifestation, but doing so at the same level. This is not America, the empire, to which we dissent as a way of asserting our independence from its self-conception.