NRL players mid-game
(Image: AAP/Darren England)

A one hit wonder -- the audience for the second Thursday night NRL game (Sydney Roosters v Brisbane Broncos) plunged 35% to 618,000 from 952,000 for the season restart last week between Parramatta and Brisbane. The return match had the highest-rating first-off NRL competition game for six years.

That, in turn, saw Nine finish third on the night behind Seven and Ten after last Thursday night’s easy win. Nine’s total people share fell from 30.3% a week ago to 24.6% last night.

All the backslapping and self congratulation from last week (and the past seven days) went up in smoke as the NRL reverted to the weak figures that plagued the 2019 competition. The 618,000 national figure was down 334,000 viewers from last week -- a significant loss.