Nev Power COVID-19 coordination commission
Nev Power (Image: AAP)

Nev Power, chair of the National COVID-19 Co-ordination Commission, will front senators tomorrow at the next hearing into the government’s coronavirus response. 

A lot has emerged since he last fronted the inquiry, including a leaked report that argues Australian taxpayers should underwrite a massive expansion of the domestic gas industry. 

Here’s Crikey’s list of 10 questions the inquiry should ask. 

  1. What cost-benefit analysis has been done to test the idea that gas is the best pathway to recovery? Will the commission open up its books and show alternatives to gas that were considered? 
  2. What work has been done to show that a gas-led recovery is the best way to create jobs, given the gas sector is not very job intensive and relies on machinery and technology? 
  3. What do members of the commission stand to gain personally from an expansion of the domestic gas industry?
  4. Who appointed Andrew Liveris as a special adviser to the commission and what was the appointment process? Is he getting paid? 
  5. Why, as the author of the leaked report, should Liveris not be required to disclose his private financial interests and any conflicts of interest he might have? 
  6. Countries and investors around the world are calling for COVID-19 stimulus packages that also address climate change. Why shouldn’t a stimulus package focus on renewables, in order to boost jobs as well as address climate change?
  7. If Australia underwrites an expansion of the gas industry, what happens if greenhouse gas emissions are cut as promised under the 2015 Paris climate agreement?
  8. Will the commission disclose the financial interests of every member and adviser beyond what is contained in their biographies on the commission’s website? 
  9. How many shares in Strike Energy do you hold, and have you disclosed this personal financial interest? Does it constitute a conflict of interest? 
  10. Will you disclose how much money you spend on airfares and travel, since your salary of $267,000 is based on travel costs?