US police militarised riot brutality
US police (Image: Flikr/Kate Sheets)

America is unravelling at speed. The societal disintegration we are watching through a million phone cameras has been centuries in the making, decades in the brewing, but less than four years in the igniting.

This is Trump’s age of “American carnage” made real. He, of course, has been hiding in the White House security bunker, emerging briefly only after his troops had tear-gassed a clear path through the peaceful protesters (and an Australian TV crew) for his triumphal shamble to a nearby church.

It is true, as many commentators say, that Australians have nothing much to feel superior about as we observe the conflagration; our own unreconciled history of racist repression and police brutality against Indigenous Australians is only favourable by relative degree against that of the United States.