Peter Dutton was somehow the best applicant, the odd history behind the fissures at the National Tertiary Education Union and The Australian Financial Review makes a play for most profoundly awful take on the devastation in the US. Catch up with all the latest tips and murmurs from the Crikey bunker.

Peter Dutton's Australia

He won't like us saying it, but one of Malcolm Turnbull's most lasting legacies may well be the inauguration of Peter Dutton's Australia. The appointment of the hard-right Queenslander to the Home Affairs super-ministry has coincided with a noticeable extension of Australia's police state.

Indeed, during an interview with Crikey editor-in-chief Peter Fray yesterday afternoon, one of the few answers Turnbull gave that wasn't preceded by a thoughtful pause was the concession that he regretted the appointment, and that Dutton wasn't really up to the job.