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According to the ABC, the World Health Assembly has formally adopted a resolution calling for an independent review into the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the EU’s draft resolution passing without objection at a meeting in Geneva.

While China’s government added its name to the list, Beijing’s embassy in Canberra released a statement saying “to claim the WHA’s resolution a vindication of Australia’s call is nothing but a joke” because the inquiry being considered by the WHA was “totally different” to the one Australia proposed.

US AND THEM: After China engineered some goodwill with their dual US$2 billion/global vaccine pledge, The AFR ($) reports that the US both rejected provisions on pooling vaccine information — which will be crucial for poorer countries — and “disassociated” from references to “sexual and reproductive health”. Because that would mean supporting the right to abortion.


A new report from Associate Professor Joanna Howe and Dr Ankur Singh for the United Workers Union finds undocumented workers are at a high risk of creating “new clusters of infection”, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Researchers call for a visa amnesty to prevent up to 100,000 people working and living in cramped conditions — i.e. across farms during picking season — from facing a similar fate as Singapore’s migrant community in their now-infamous second wave.

AN ONGOING PROBLEM: While the call for an amnesty is not exactly new — see Inq’s analysis of how the current situation breeds exploitation — that undocumented migrants lack basic access to medical and legal support, let alone JobKeeper/Seeker, might be why the Undocumented Migrants COVID-19 Fund has managed to fundraise $65K during a de-facto recession.


Finally, in case the government’s plan to expand its Emissions Reduction Fund to pay fossil fuel companies to increase emissions — an idea that came off a review headed by former fossil fuel company Origin Energy CEO Grant King — wasn’t on the nose enough, The AFR ($) reports that the Morrison government’s COVID-19 commission is considering a gas pipeline from Western Australia, boosted production in the eastern states, and even shifting energy-intensive manufacturing west as part of the country’s economic recovery.



What is justice? Who can we prosecute for those deaths? Nobody. Nobody. Mother nature. God … Older people, vulnerable people are going to die from this virus. That is going to happen despite whatever you do.

Andrew Cuomo

In comments he’s since had to walk back somewhat, the Democratic Governor for New York calls for families of the more than 5,300 state nursing home residents who died from COVID-19 to cool it on the blame game.

Coincidentally, the announcement comes a week after public pressure forced Cuomo to reverse a decision to send patients still recovering from COVID-19 back to nursing homes.


Morrison’s China push feeds local QAnon theorists who say Satanists rule world

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s focus on China’s handling of the coronavirus has garnered the support of Australia’s leading proponent of the QAnon conspiracy theory who tweets under the name Burn Notice.

“Last week Burn Notice — who is also a Morrison family friend — endorsed Morrison’s role in pushing for the inquiry by retweeting a post about it to his carefully-curated Twitter feed, where he has 35,000 followers.”

Carbon capture and storage a dud but fossil fuel industry’s cash capture working well

“Here’s how power works in an openly corrupt outfit like the Morrison government.

“An ‘Emissions Reduction Fund’ (ERF), dreamt up as political cover for the Coalition’s climate denialism, was so spectacularly unsuccessful at reducing emissions that the Coalition was embarrassed into reviewing it, tasking two former fossil fuel company executives to report back on ways it could be improved.”

Denial of torture allegations opens new front in the push to free Australian academic

“Allegations of torture, solitary confinement and suicide attempts by Kylie Moore-Gilbert have quickly been shut down by her family as the Australian-British academic faces her 20th month in prison. Convicted of espionage in a secret trial, Moore-Gilbert has been sentenced to 10 years in Evin prison.”


This family skips meals to pay rent during the coronavirus pandemic — they say rent aid goes a long way

Fossil fuel industry applauds Coalition climate measures that support carbon capture and storage

Coalition eyes Australian ‘economic sovereignty’ with boost to manufacturing

Great Lockdown must not lead to Great Protectionism, says IMF chief ($)

McDonald’s wins temporary overhaul of fast food work rules

Galleries, libraries the latest to be given a date to reopen

One in eight Australians believe 5G is spreading coronavirus

Australia Council funding set to shine light on regional NSW

EasyJet reveals cyber-attack exposed details of 9 million customers


Chaos poll: JobKeeper Morrison v JobSeeker Albanese ($) — Paul Kelly (The Australian): “Australia should have a more rational debate than many other nations — but it will be contentious and bitter. Labor has begun to mark out its territory. Anthony Albanese wants JobKeeper to survive in ‘transition’ and ensure JobSeeker does not fall to the old Newstart rate. He wants support for an additional million casuals, a package for the arts and entertainment sector, and invokes ‘the power of government to make a positive difference to people’s lives’.”

Royal Commission needed into child removal crisis Megan Krakouer and Gerry Georgatos (National Indigenous Times): “There is a cumulative swell of concern about an amendment Bill in front of the West Australian Parliament proposing changes to the Children and Community Services Act 2004. The proposed powers may affect all of Australia’s children who come to the attention of child protection authorities but, in effect, enable more powers over First Nations children, and then thereafter over Culturally and Language Diverse (CALD) children.”

COVID-19 has opened our eyes to the bigger picture when it comes to tech and kidsJoanne Orlando (The Sydney Morning Herald): “Prior to COVID-19, a key message that schools communicated to parents, students and the community is that technology is dangerous and unsafe for children. This message has become an ingrained part of school life, and this has been the entrenched approach schools have taken since the first desktop landed on a students’ desks.”


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  • Industry Minister Karen Andrews will present ‘Australian manufacturing in a post-COVID world’ at the National Press Club.


  • The Wheeler Centre will launch a new podcast mentorship and development scheme ‘Signal Boost,’ with audio producers Helen Zaltzman, Daniel Browning, Jess O’Callaghan and more to appear in an online broadcast hosted by ‘Broadwave’ co-founder Beth Atkinson-Quinton.