donald trump
US President Donald Trump (Image: AP/Alex Brandon)

Australia's relationship with China is under serious strain, but the United States looks increasingly like a failed state, leaving us between a rock and a hard place. Meanwhile, the Northern Territory gloats at the rest of the country, and some virus optimism perhaps?

The Territory gets the first laugh

Today, restrictions ease in a number of states across Australia. But nowhere gets it better than the Northern Territory, where the pubs are officially open. And didn’t the NT News just love to rub it in our faces. 

America is truly broken

Every day, the headlines out of the United States are more horrifying -- rising death tolls, a bitter partisan divide over basic public health measures, a broken health system, and an unhinged, lying president. Yesterday, we got an insider’s view of the chaos, when a dumped health-official-turned-whistleblower told Congress the country is heading for its “darkest winter in modern history".