(Image: AAP/Kris Durston)

“Is that a dead parrot?” asked Crikey in the subject line of yesterday’s edition, bringing back a flood of memories about the important contribution Alan Jones has made to our little e-zine over the past 20 years.

Long time media watchers still fondly talk about the regular Parrot Droppings columns which ran from 2002 until 2004 in Crikey and chronicled the shock jock’s performances in the period after he’d survived the cash for comment scandals, saw his beloved 2UE radio station bought by the southerners who owned 3AW for $90 million, and then famously defected to Singo and 2GB in March 2002.

I’ve never met or had any direct engagement with Jones, but for some reason he told Channel Nine reporter Adam Shand in 2004: “People like Stephen Mayne don’t deserve a place in society.”