Alan Jones (aka The Parrot) might be quitting radio, but from the tenor of his exit comments he will still be around to snarl at his enemies from pulpits he has carefully nurtured at News Corp.

News of Jones’ departure saw the Nine Entertainment share price ease by just 2% -- or three cents -- in the half hour of trading from 10am (Jones’ retirement was revealed just after 8am), so it's hardly had a cataclysmic impact on Nine.

Jones has had two media masters for a while now. Besides his breakfast program on 2GB in Sydney (and on relay to other stations such as the Nine-owned 4BC in Brisbane), he also pops up in the News Corp-owned Sky News. He has double headers with Graham Richardson, the tired ALP hack and former senator, and with Peta Credlin, the former chief of staff to Tony Abbott, who fancies herself as the heiress apparent to Jones in the right-wing ranting stakes.