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As rankings of Angus Taylor controversies go, this one would likely not even break the teens. It doesn’t involve the energy minister seeking money for coal-fired power plants via renewable energy funds, or documents of bizarre providence regarding the Sydney lord mayor’s imaginary travel expenses, or the illegal destruction of endangered native grasslands. If nothing else, one must admire the magnificent variety of dramas which so bedevil him.

However, it’s still worth noting that one potential scandal has been offloaded with the winding up of Agricultural Managers Limited (AML), a mysterious entity which resided in the not-especially-agricultural surrounds of the Cayman Islands.

The paper trail is both exhaustive and exhausting, but Jommy Tee has been keeping tabs on developments over at michaelwest.com.au. And it should be added that the appeal of keeping one’s company in a tax haven like the Caymans is that the details remain tantalisingly opaque, so it’s impossible to know whether the sole shareholder of AML was ol’ Angie at the time of wind-up.