(Image: AAP/Scott Barbour)

The next stage of the COVID-19 period in Australia has begun -- a stage which largely consists of believing, erroneously, that the next stage in the COVID-19 period has begun.

Having locked down nationwide with a great deal of collective commitment and solidarity, no-one really mentioned the prospect of reopening for a few weeks, save for a section of the now discredited ideological right and a few "anti-politics" whackos on Twitter.

But now that the rate of infection, serious symptoms and death has been slowed and is on the way to being flattened -- for the moment -- the talk of reopening the economy has begun. And once started, in Australia, it has started to take off, and to propagate the illusion that we will soon be stepping back into our old life, wholly unchanged, powering along, going to all the restaurants tralala.