Victorian deputy chief health officer Annaliese van Diemen (left) (Image: AAP/Scott Barbour)

The ideological right's absurd, pathetic and self-defeating attack on, and "calls" for the resignation of, Victorian deputy chief medical officer Annaliese van Diemen, represents a new low for this political formation in the period of COVID-19.

Like many I've been by turns bewildered and amused by the absolutely tin-eared, cack-handed way the Australian ideological right have played this historical moment.

As the country came together to make the sacrifice of lockdowns, with a widespread understanding of why it had to occur, a strong emphasis on shared burden, and a pride in achieving an exceptionally low death rate -- and a lowered risk to health-care workers -- the ideological right's interventions have been a mix of adolescent poseurism, intellectual bad faith, and petulant time wasting.