(Image: 9Now)

Seven won total people by a hair -- 25.7% to Ten's 25.6%. Seven hasn’t much to cheer about lately. Ten easily won the money figure -- the main channels -- with a share of 19.3% to 17.6% for Seven. MasterChef Australia grabbed 1.33 million and the final episode of GoggleBox Australia had 1.13 million -- the top two non-news programs of the night.

Seven was again held up by strong figures for the 6pm news hour -- an average of 1.86 million -- 458,000 more than Nine’s average for the same hour (1.40 million).

ACA’s recent weakness continues. It fell to 998,000 nationally, behind the 7pm ABC News with 1.24 million, but in front of the 7pm part of The Project on Ten (914,000). In the metros, while ABC News won the slot with 840,000, The Project with 679,000 metro viewers slipped past ACA, which only had 673,000. That was close, and a rare finish ahead.