Lego Masters Ratings
(Image: Nine Now)

Nine’s night as Lego Masters again dominated, though viewers turned right off 60 Minutes. LM averaged a very solid 1.548 million nationally, while 60 Minutes hit 871,000. The same happened last week. We can tell from that fall that LM attracts a very large group of young viewers and young families, not the codger group that tends to watch current affairs programs (like me) these days, a dying minority.

Nine won the night easily against a trailling Seven and Ten. Seven’s House Rules averaged 1.023 million, which should be encouraging, but Ten’s MasterChef Australia held its own with an average 1.270 million.

The ABC’s Insiders had another strong morning with 749,000 national viewers. And panellist Virginia Trioli (radio host of mornings on ABC Melbourne) did a Greg Sheridan and used her observation at the end of the program (where Sheridan chided the ABC for being biased in its coverage of George Pell the previous Sunday) to point out that Sheridan had hung up on her on her radio program last week when she disputed one of the points he made in his comments -- that the ABC was somehow responsible for the Tim Minchin song which disparaged Pell.