Alexander England and Asher Keddie in Offspring (Image: Channel Ten)

Two weeks, two big lifelines thrown to Australia’s large media corporations. And for arts and entertainment, crushed by the COVID-19 shock? A deliberately crafted... nothing (at least at the federal level).

And yet, ensuring Australia’s creative industries get to the other side is a lot cheaper -- and a lot more important -- than attempting to bail out old media dependent on collapsing ad-supported business models. According to former News Corp Australia boss Kim Williams, a 40% funding boost off the current low base would provide the transformation the sector needs.

To an outsider, it must seem an odd choice. Yet in all the chatter of “looking at all options with fresh eyes”, the government’s media, entertainment and arts industry pronouncements are the only real-time example we have to judge the actual Morrison-Frydenberg vision of a post-coronavirus Australia.