(Image: Sky News)

The merry-go-round that is Sky News’ interviews with Prime Minister Scott Morrison this year continued last night on Paul Murray Live. A fabulous audience of just 90,000 watched -- unchanged from a week ago when the program was sans-PM, and down from 101,000 on Tuesday night. Not an extra viewer was added!

It is the fourth interview our PM has done with the News Corp PR service this year -- two with Murray, one a week or so ago with Chris Kenny and the first for the year back in early March with Peta Credlin (which, by the way, garnered 38,000). 

That’s three Sky talking heads to fill in for David Speers who would have done the lot if he’s stayed at Sky and not gone to the ABC and Insiders. Speers’ first report for Four Corners on Monday night was watched by 1.05 million people nationally. That’s what his talent and the ABC's reputation gets. That it took Sky three people to fill the hole Speers left speaks volumes.