Oil shortage
(Image: Unsplash/Zbynek Burival)

As curves start to flatten, and lockdowns slowly ease, Singapore shows why we must be careful. A new report highlights the impact of COVID-19 on casual workers in the higher education sector. And suppliers are now paying people to take their oil off them.

Lockdowns relaxed, but is it too soon?

As infection curves turn in the right direction, some countries are starting to slowly relax lockdowns and think about the road back to normalcy. New Zealand has moved from level four to level three restrictions -- a situation closer to Australia’s, with schools and takeaway restaurants open.

In South Korea, which has had one of the most successful responses to the virus, relaxed guidelines have allowed church services and sporting fixtures to restart. India allowed some easing of its strict lockdown in agricultural and manufacturing sectors. European countries like Germany, Austria and Denmark are cautiously opening things up.