Facebook News Tab News Corp
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg with Robert Thomson, CEO of News Corp. (Image: AP/Mark Lennihan)

Why are Australian media publishers so intent on going after Google and Facebook? Same reason robbers target banks: that’s where the money is. That’s why they’ve leant on the Federal Government to impose a mandatory code of conduct on the big digital platforms, including paying for news content.

Australia’s papers this morning were as one in bannering the story: “Giants told to pay up” said The Australian. “Tech giants face forced payments for news” said The Sydney Morning Herald. “Tech Titan Takedown” screamed The Daily Telegraph.

Not so fast: the government announcement is a win for the publishers, and particularly for News Corp who have been leading the campaign against the platforms on behalf of old media. But there’s a long way to go before we can expect the Silicon Valley giants to start cutting cheques to the Murdochs.