Lego Masters Ratings
(Image: Nine Now)

Nine’s night as Lego Masters returned to send us off into the land of well-spaced-out nod -- 1.67 million people watched nationally. Seven was weak even though House Rules managed 1.03 million viewers. It ran fourth behind Nine, Ten and the ABC from 7pm to 9.30pm.

The ABC’s Insiders had another strong morning with 797,000 national viewers. We had the gospel from St Greg Sheridan on a News Corp-dominated chat on the national broadcaster. His cynical closing comments about the ABC and George Pell came right at the end with no time left for a rebuttal. 

In the regions: Seven News, 653,000, 7pm ABC News, 461,000, Lego Masters 435,000, House Rules, 396,000, The Virus, 395,000.