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Chinese President Xi Jinping (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

No WHO for you

Coalition backbenchers have called for a review of Australia's funding to the World Health Organisation (WHO). It comes a day after US President Donald Trump announced the US would stop their financial support pending a review into the organisation’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Australia contributes nearly $53 million a year to the WHO, with Morrison saying he sympathised with some of Trump’s criticisms. He added Australia wouldn’t rule out reviewing the WHO’s performance but would wait until the pandemic was over. 

Six days of non-intervention and now we have a pandemic

Chinese officials secretly determined they were likely facing a pandemic when the coronavirus emerged in Wuhan but waited six days to inform the public. During that time, millions of people started travelling for Lunar New Year celebrations, while the city of Wuhan hosted a banquet for tens of thousands of people.