Donald Trump (Image: PA/Stefani Reynolds)

Donald Trump retains the ability to shock, be careful before signing up to greater surveillance, and the world looks for ways to bring the sports back.

Trump gets fooled again

The impact of the pandemic on the world's many authoritarian leaders can be hard to gauge. North Korea is still yet to admit it has a single case and continues to test missiles. Hungary's Viktor Orban essentially shut down democracy in that country. The Chinese Communist Party has attracted a great deal of criticism for minimising the number of initial cases and not preventing so many infected travelers from leaving the country, yet its huge clampdowns on the general population also prompted a large number of "what we can learn from China" pieces.

And then there's US President Donald Trump, a great dictator in the same way Charlie Chaplin was. Trump's standing at home and abroad has never been lower -- the US now has had more than 25,000 deaths from the virus. And the strain is beginning to show.