Tim Brooke-Taylor (Image: Wikimedia)

No-one loved The Goodies more than Australia. And there was no member of comedy troupe more loved than Tim Brooke-Taylor, the blonde, posh, vulnerable but good-humoured comedian at its core.  

Thus, in this dismal, anxious year, with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival cancelled, TV studios darkened and comedy clubs silent, the death of Brooke-Taylor hit home hard for professionals on the dole queue and fans alike.

Coronavirus has made his passing, out of the blue, a death for our times. You couldn’t scroll through the Generation X parish newsletter, Facebook, without personal laments and fond remembrances of posh patriot Tim playing "Land and Hope and Glory" while giving stirring speeches about the British Empire to the bemusement of co-stars Graeme Garden, the nutty professor, and Bill Oddie, the rebel hippy musician.