masterchef tv ratings
Masterchef Australia (Image: Ten)

A big win (and a rare one) for Ten last night as it successfully revived MasterChef Australia (MCA) which grabbed a very solid 1.56 million national viewers.

It might be the close confinement of millions of people but I reckon its the revamped hosts and different look. The old trio of judges were tired and too familiar to viewers.

Nine finished third last night as it ran dead in a post-Easter daze. Seven’s House Rules (867,000) was well-beaten by MCA. The opportunity was there to grab more viewers, but Seven couldn’t take it. A year ago MCA averaged 905,000 for its returning ep, but that was up against LegoMasters on Nine, the end of My Kitchen Rules and the first ep of a new House Rules. A less-competitive night helped Ten embed MCA very quickly.