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There’s been a plethora of articles about parenting during the coronavirus: some instructional, about how to navigate a crisis with kids; others bleak dispatches from inside the family home. Here’s some of Crikey’s favourites.

There is a fine line between capturing moments of childhood joy and publicly lying to make yourself look good and your friends feel bad.

Lessons from a mother who tried to ‘win’ at isolation parenting, The Sydney Morning Herald

It felt impossible to be somewhat sick and take care of a sick child, plus a healthy one, but now we entered a new phase: acute illness and taking care of two children.

I Know the Day We Got It : A family of four weathers a fetid week of coronavirus, The Cut

Even in the most privileged households, the pandemic is exposing the farce of how society treats families.

The Parents Are Not All Right, Medium

The rules of the pandemic require every person to stay put in one household. The laws of joint custody require the exact opposite.

How Are Parents Supposed to Deal With Joint Custody Right Now? The Atlantic

They will be both smothered and neglected — always within the purview of their parents, but often left to their own devices as those parents try to wade through their own corona-inspired stresses.

The corona childhood: what have our kids lost in the lockdown? The Sydney Morning Herald

With parents everywhere adjusting to an eerie new normal of virtual classrooms and limited child care, single parents are struggling to navigate the previously unimaginable.

Single Parents Are Struggling, but Enduring, Through the Pandemic, The New York Times

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This crisis will cut hard and deep but one day it will be over.

What will be left? What do you want to be left?

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